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Segment 1

Biotech ready to screen drugs

  • Which molecules to screen on our target?

  • Are the novel compounds stable?

  • How to record chemo-biological assays?

  • What is the MOA of the binding?

    IntelDrug can predict your drug activities and keep track of experimental assays.

Segment 2

Pharma that needs to speed it up

  • We need to resolve our target structure - fast.

  • Which metabolites are toxic?

  • We need to speed up our project management.

    IntelDrug can resolve your drug-target affinities and keep your teams energized.

Segment 3

Natural products, lifestyle and wellness therapies.

  • What are the properties of cannabinoids?

  • Which flavor will have our extract?

  • What compounds are biomarkers of stress?

    IntelDrug's experience working with natural products, botanicals and flavor ingredients is unique and will elevate your knowledge.

Segment 4

Tech Start-up with needs in chem(o)informatics

  • We are tech and want to get into chem.

  • Can we explore chemistry in a graph database?

  • We want to run AI over our chemical data.

    IntelDrug is into Web 3.0 and AI.
    And you are too. Let's collaborate.

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